We deliver the solutions and informatics that pharmaceutical and device companies need to gain successful market access; to provide evidence for regulators, payers, and HCPs; and to support access to innovation and solutions for patients. Our work has helped transform services across the NHS. We have worked with large healthcare data sets across primary and secondary care for over 10 years. Where data doesn't currently exist, we create it, through joint working with our NHS partners. Our highly experienced multidisciplinary team includes data scientists, epidemiologists, expert coders, NHS data analysts, biostatisticians, clinicians, developers, and consultants.

Core expertise

We increase access to innovative treatments which improve outcomes for patients and drive transformation in the NHS.

We are experts in existing real-world data, such as HES and Primary Care. Where data does not yet exist, we can create new data sets for use in research and in outcomes analysis.

Experts in population-based health data

Primary Care Data
Primary Care Data
Studies  - comparative effectiveness/safety/cost (pass)
Studies - comparative effectiveness/ safety/cost (pass)
Disease burden & treatment analysis
Disease burden & treatment analysis
HEOR solutions
HEOR solutions
Payer engagement tools
Payer engagement tools
Health informatics
Health informatics (AXON 360 & bespoke data science)
Real world data experts
Real-world data experts

Who are we?

Located across two main sites in Cheshire and Marlow, our highly experienced multidisciplinary team includes data scientists, epidemiologists, expert coders, NHS data analysts, biostatisticians, clinicians, developers, and consultants.

Meet the team

Leadership Team

Data Scientists



Chris Hodgson
Commercial Director

Dave Heaton
Lead Data Scientist

Mark McCormack
Data Scientist

Stephen Boult
Data Scientist

Tracey Ellison
Oncology Specialist

Neal Jones
Oncology Specialist

Carly Rich
Principal Consultant

Matt McConnell
Population Health Analyst

Rhiannon Thomason
Principal Consultant

Tim Gaunt

Mark Evans
Business Development Manager

Information Governance

Information Governance is critically important to Harvey Walsh. We hold the following accreditations which are independently audited annually:

IS027001.     NHS IG Toolkit.     Cyber Security Essentials.

All our data processing and outputs are governed by these principles.

Harvey Walsh is part of OPEN Health; a world-class healthcare communications and market access group, made up of specialist, best-in-class businesses that are each experts in their respective fields.


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Harvey Walsh receives health data under licence from NHS Digital. NHS Digital has a record of all hospital admissions and outcomes, the Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) dataset. This data is provided to us every month. The data we use is pseudonymised and non-identifiable, meaning that individuals cannot be identified from the data. These data are processed solely for the purposes of understanding and improving outcomes for patients, and the provision of healthcare, on behalf of the NHS and the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. We never give direct access to unprocessed HES data; rather we aggregate data at an organisational level, and then provide insights and build analytical tools. The data is held securely at a location that conforms to both ISO27001 and NHS Information Governance Toolkit standards, and is destroyed appropriately when required.