We develop the evidence that pharmaceutical and medical device companies, charities and the NHS need for regulators, payers, and healthcare professionals to support access to innovative solutions for patients. Our work has helped transform services across the NHS. Our highly experienced team in our data lab includes scientists, epidemiologists, biostatisticians, analysts, and consultants.

Who are we?

Harvey Walsh Limited is a legal entity which is part of the OPEN Health group. OPEN Health is a business comprised of several legal entities which provide health economic and outcomes research, strategic market access, modelling and meta-analysis and other services to the healthcare and life sciences industry.

Harvey Walsh specialises in the development of Real-World Evidence (RWE) utilising secondary data, developing a variety of outputs including evidence for regulatory bodies such as NICE, health economic research, modelling, and pathway analysis.

Everything we do is focussed on improving outcomes for patients; this may be an evidence submission which allows a new and innovative drug to be funded by the NHS or may be because a complex research project has identified ways to improve the patient pathway resulting in earlier diagnosis and treatment. 

Information Governance

We are data agnostic, and we use the most appropriate data for our research from a variety of sources including Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) Data. We are a separate entity both legally and physically and we have a secure dedicated data centre in Cheshire, England.

Information Governance (IG) is critically important to us, and we hold the following accreditations:

ISO DSP Cyber Security

With specific reference to HES data we hold this data under licence from NHS Digital and specific requirements apply to it. It may only be used for epidemiological research, pathway analysis, burden of disease analysis, health economic research, predictive analytical modelling, NICE submissions and quality and outcome analysis. All outputs are aggregated with small numbers suppressed in line with the HES analysis guide. Harvey Walsh is the sole Data Controller for the HES data from NHS Digital and therefore no organisation under the OPEN Health Group holds any influence over the data, nor are they data processors on behalf of Harvey Walsh.

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Harvey Walsh receives health data under licence from NHS Digital. NHS Digital has a record of all hospital admissions and outcomes, the Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) dataset. This data is provided to us every month. The data we use is pseudonymised and non-identifiable, meaning that individuals cannot be identified from the data. These data are processed solely for the purposes of understanding and improving outcomes for patients, and the provision of healthcare, on behalf of the NHS and the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. We never give direct access to unprocessed HES data; rather we aggregate data at an organisational level, and then provide insights and build analytical tools. The data is held securely at a location that conforms to both ISO27001 and NHS Information Governance Toolkit standards, and is destroyed appropriately when required.